Thursday, 2 April 2009

Workshop Observation

I attended a few workshops but decided to write a report on Tere's session.

However, things were not to happen as I had planned!

I had read Tere's instructions in the wiki which were clearly laid out and well structured before the start of the workshop. Literally just before the session, I had updated the SL version on my computer.

I had teleported to her platform with the other participants, had rezzed my box as one of the first activities and then I was kicked out of SL. I managed to get in again only to be kicked out again. I tried all things and when I eventually got back in, everyone was back in the sandbox.

Well, at least I was there to ask my question :-)

The wiki instructions were very clear and I could complete the tasks from the written tutorial.

Thanks to Daf, I could follow her visual of the workshop and have added it here below from her blog

The ghost is me!

Tere´s Workshop for Muvenation - Daf's report on PhotoPeach

Thanks Tere :-)

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