Tuesday, 2 December 2008

All about my avatar

Post in your blog a self interview with title 'All about my avatar: SL Name FamilyName" where you explain the history of your avatar(s), motivations, characteristics, main activities. Also describe the rhetoric behind your avatar: how did you build your avatar in relation of the effects you'd like to produce? Don't forget to mention your profile!

When I signed up for my account in 2006, it was pretty mind-boggling to decide on a name. Then I found the perfect fit - Busy Link! This still 'fits' me and my style of life!

When I first entered SL, I didn't really care about my avatar's appearance. I was more concerned about the basics - moving, following the others, following the instructions, getting to where I should be!

Then I played with my appearance. I love colours and this was important to me at the time and still is. I suppose I have not really changed my basic avatar's appearance a lot but I like it! Many 'experienced' Slers often say I should change my appearance in order not to appear as a 'newbie' but as I hate that term, I tend to like my avatar even more :-) That says a lot about me already ;-)

Gavin Dudeney was my first 'link' into SL in 2006 and when I got my first freebie T-shirt from Edunation, it was a horrible white colour but I was very happy to have it as without having to help Nicky and Gavin with their presentation for Global Learn Day X, I would not have been 'born' so soon. So, I like keeping that T-shirt (although now coloured green) as a 'thank you' to educators such as Gavin and Nicky and team who pioneered into SL and held their first conference there later in 2007. There weren't many attendees but the following year, there certainly were!

The purpose of being in SL will often illustrate the time spent (and required) in customising one's appearance. I chose what I would call a neutral appearance so I can move into different virtual environments without having to constantly change my appearance. The inventory is great to have the 'quick-change outfit' if necessary but I have rarely found this necessary to-date due to the basic one I chose.

I was very happy the other day when another avatar (very smart indeed) told me that my appearance was great - that convinced me to stay with my 'basics' :-) I might one day play with my facial features ..... if time is willing :-)