Saturday, 3 January 2009

SL Tools for Learning Material Delivery


* To collect, describe and comment on a number of tools that are suitable for teaching and learning in Second Life based upon a chosen theme
* To design an experience-based, interactive and playful activity for a teacher to discover to discover these tools in Second Life, such as creating a tour guide.

For Module 1, section 3, activity 6 : select tools to teach in SL.

* Delivery of learning material

* Communication and interaction
* Cooperation
* Creation of content
* Individualisation of learning paths
* Assessment, feedback and tracking
* Self-organisation and group-organisation
* Reflection and meta cognition

Daf and I worked together on this activity

Here we are checking out the poster inworld.

Admiring the finished product :-)

Click below to listen to the audio as you would if you were inworld looking at the poster.

A slideshow of the Poster Tour

Location in SL:

Daf's blog

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