Monday, 15 December 2008

Fashion Show

Mod 1, Sec 2, Act 10

"Lastly, after the event, you should write a review of the event. You could focus on the fashion, and the different tendencies, or think about identity and appearance, or look at it from a social point of view."

One of my first experiences in SL was to dance. I remember distinctly the day! It was a Sunday afternoon and I was boogying in front of my screen as my avatar went through the paces. Graham Stanley then gave me more files (he obviously recognised the disco-kid in me) and I just went wild trying them all out.

My passion for this in SL has not changed today! I thoroughly enjoyed dancing at the Fashion Show, just as if I was dancing in a disco. I've tried to capture the movement in the snapshots here.

In my workplace, real fashion shows often take place and the most spectacular and interesting moments are 'off-catwalk' rather than 'on-catwalk'. So I decided to focus on the socialising, the informal settings, the different groupings and conversations going on during the event as the 'model' avatars waited to be called upon to present their outfit or they just looked on. In SL, I could'nt see them doing their hair and putting on the make-up though :-(

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